7 Days to a Great Audition – Day 4

Day 4

Prepare the performance

Great musicians practice for a certain period of time daily to prepare for the next performance. Great athletes practice for a certain period of time daily to prepare to give a great performance. How much time should you put in to know that you are absolutely prepared to handle the pressure of a high intensity audition situation so that you can give your best performance?

“When you dedicate 20 or 30 minutes of study time for every minute of the scene, what you’re really doing is creating a mental, emotional, and physical memory. Once you’ve created a memory from which to work it doesn’t matter how nervous you are, nor does it matter that the reader is giving you little or nothing to react to. “

– John Marshall Jones presents Mastering the Audition

You’ve heard that ‘practice makes perfect’. However the truth is that ‘perfect practice makes a perfect performance’. Repetition creates habit. Repetitive excellence creates excellent habits. Habit is a physical memory. If you make the emotional life of the scene a habit then no matter how nervous you get you will still be able to perform. Performing under pressure is a skill that gets you jobs.

At Mastering the Audition we teach you how to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to give your best performance under pressure. Creating a personal system of repetitive excellence assures that you will hold yourself accountable to be fully prepared and at your peak when you arrive at the audition.

We live and work in an information society. At Mastering the Audition we are committed to providing you with superior information to help you to achieve superior results. So rehearse for 20 – 30 minutes for every minute of the scene and make your next audition your best one!

This Tuesday, August 5th, at the Nate Holden PAC, 4718 W. Washington Blvd, I’ll be teaching our ‘quick learn’ system which will get you off book in 20 minutes for any audition, guaranteed. This technique is invaluable for cold readings. It works even better when you have time to prepare. To reserve a space call 1-800-270-0360

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