7 Days to a Great Audition – Day 5

Day 5

Hold your focus

You’re fully prepared. You’ve arrived at the audition. You see some of your friends and they are engaged in a fascinating conversation about the Oscar contenders and who they think will win. There are two seats open in the waiting room, one next to your friends and one on the other side of the room. Which will you choose? The seat next to your friends might help you to chat off some nervous energy but it won’t do a thing to help you hold your focus.

“Any talk that you have with people outside the audition should be used for gathering additional information to help you do a better performance. Think about it this way. Would you spend weeks getting ready for the Indy 500 then let the air out of your tires right before the race?”

– John Marshall Jones presents Mastering the Audition

The hardest thing to do in this business is hold focus on your dream. Remember, nobody can see it but you. Depending on who you are talking to, they might not visualize things the way you do. They might not think any further out than tomorrow or lunch (yikes even!). There are a million reasons why others may not see your dream. They are all unimportant. If you hold your focus on your dream long enough eventually you will run into others who dream and focus as you do. They’ll become your allies. Your team. Those are the people you can build with. Those are the people you can count on.

That same principle applies to your auditions. You’re trying to make allies out of the casting director, director and producers. You’re going to need every bit of your energy when they open the door and call your name to audition. Don’t waste it talking with the same people that you can talk with after the audition is over. At Mastering the Audition we teach techniques that help you to stay in the moment and maintain your focus until after your performance is completed. Our experience teaches us that a focused performer is a great performer.

We live and work in an information society. At John Marshall Jones presents Mastering the Audition we are committed to providing you with superior information to help you to achieve superior results. So hold your focus and make your next audition your best one!

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