Dealing with pressure

Do you ever find yourself in the biggest audition of your life? That’s a lot of pressure. a friend of mine was in that situation recently. She asked me if I had any advice. I did. Stay focused. The mind wants to go to a million different places when you’re sitting in the hot seat but there’s really only two distractions that stress you out;

1. There’s something you want to happen and you’re afraid it won’t.
2. There’s something you don’t want to happen and you’re afraid it will.

Let those thoughts go and focus on one thing. Focus on what you’re here to do. Focus on the moment. Focus on breathing slowly and evenly. Focus on the moment. It brings you back to what’s important. Focus on what you can control instead of what you can’t.Focus on the moment. If you can do that, when you enter the audition room you’ll be calmer, focused, determined and ready to let your light shine in spite of the pressure.