Lebron’s Shot heard round the world

Everyone who watched the post game press conference heard it. It even took me a little by surprise. It seemed like he was saying, “Go back to your miserable little lives, I’m still LeBron and you’re not!”. I’ve read it over and over again to make sure that I didn’t miss something but then I remembered what I felt when I heard him speak and that’s what it felt like. It actually felt like he pulled it back just a bit. He spoke about everyone having their personal problems and inferred that once the haters are no longer getting joy out of his pain that they’ll have to return to the problems of their own lives. My question is, “what’s so wrong with that?”

Why are we so inflamed about wanting to see someone else NOT achieve their goals and dreams? And what does that say about the amount of energy and focus we’re putting into achieving our own. I don’t know LeBron personally but I do know three things for sure.

1) He was gifted with an enormous amount of God given athletic ability.
2) He has put in an extraordinary amount of work to get to where he is.
3) Like all of us, the young man still has work to do mentally, spiritually and emotionally to reach and experience his true potential. (Working on a pull up jumper and a post game wouldn’t hurt either)

What can we take away from this firestorm he’s created for himself? It seems to me that the more energy I put into other people living their dreams the less I have for my own. It also seems that the more time I spend rooting against someone else the more it feels like I’m rooting against myself. Why not take that energy and put it into your own hopes and dreams? Why not take that time and really think about where you want your life to go, make a plan of how to get there, then put every ounce of your being into executing your plan? That’s really what LeBron is saying after all. No athlete should become a substitute for our own dreams. We don’t have to find our fulfillment through someone else’s success or failure. Why not follow LeBron’s example and discover our innate god given abilities, work as hard as we can to express those to the fullest and speak truth in the face of adversity?

Public humiliation is hard to swallow and LeBron just received his with two scoops.Did he handle it gracefully, no. Did any of us handle things gracefully in our 20’s? Of course not. Personally, I was a fool till I turned 40. I just didn’t know it. I don’t mind that he’s not contrite. I don’t expect it. He didn’t get to where he is by backing down from a challenge. I am also not going to invest any of my God given creative energies into hoping for his further public humiliation. He got his. Maybe it’s time for us to focus in and go get ours too.