NBA Finals and auditioning

Well the NBA finals are over. I want to say congratulations to all the Dallas fans. The Mavs were amazing and Miami was, well, disappointing. Even the most talented people can fall short in the big moment. So much goes into being great in the moment. It’s easy to fall short if you’re not properly prepared. It’s also possible to be great, even if you aren’t the most talented. With proper preparation and focused intent anyone can find the greatness within them. It’s a lesson that I’ve encountered over and over again in life.

Acting and auditioning are performance arts just like athletics. I find myself constantly looking for how to prepare myself better for the moment. It always comes back to one thing, FOCUS. If I can get myself focused and get prepared, then I know for certain that I will be on top of my game when I get to the audition.

The audition is like the elimination game of the NBA Finals. You know someone is coming with their A game and if it’s not you, you’ll be going home. What we don’t see is how much preparation goes into getting to the finals. How many nights are spent in the gym alone when everyone else is out having a good time. How much attention to detail is put in to doing the smallest things right. How much energy goes into staying focused even when things aren’t going your way and knowing and believing that you will reach your goals. That kind of accomplishment takes years and incredible fortitude against seemingly insurmountable odds. Yet people, who are clearly not the most talented, achieve an elite level of success all the time. Each of us has that kind of intestinal fortitude within us. We just have to call on it and be willing to make the sacrifices that will get us there.